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2014-05-28 Frank Sinatra wrote about Makeme

Loots other peoples pants, lets crops rot, dont go the extra mile

2012-10-19 evoke wrote about Wind of Terror

Dr. Dread Rat, PhD.

2011-05-29 Foojin wrote about Azram see Lord Azram, one of Darkfall's most notorious Combat Looter's

2010-06-03 Azram wrote about Azram

Roleplaying since 1997

2010-02-25 Khael wrote about evoke

don't play quake vs this guy :/

2010-02-25 Khael wrote about Fenix

Fenix I got to know in Asherons Call, where he joined the evil side :( while the rest of us danes were in the good clan Blood and fought for justice.

2010-02-25 Khael wrote about Wind of Terror

Magnus is a pro player, and always great fun to play with. I got to know him in Asherons Call, where he was GM of Blood - the clan most of us SUN's and danes were in. In Darkfall he has specialized in mining.

2009-04-01 Falcone wrote about zEph

Had great moments with this guy in Tor Anroc "HIDE BEHIND THE PILLAR"

2009-04-01 Falcone wrote about Firstborn

Give me my virginity back you fekker...

2009-03-05 Cortrillion wrote about Bullseye

Bully = win... He once stoped me from beating up a guy IRL. Thanks man!