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2014-03-14 by eli

I know Meth mainly  from the Xmas-Bashes and it was always nice to talk to him. And hey! I only need a picture to describe him. I really really like it:

true dedication

Meth is the epitome of SUN 4 life. Completely dedicated to the guild - I guess getting a SUN tattoo, wearing SUN tshirts at interviews, and showing up at almost every gathering says it all. In a game Meth's one of those guys you know you can rely on. He get's the job done and done well. To top it off he's also a great friend, always ready for a fun chat. But man, please stop with wow already.


Great guy who seems to always be calm and helpful - all round very accessible! One day I will give him a hug.

Has withstood the dangers of THE BELTBUCKLE.


One of the nicest guys I know in SUN, fun to hang around with in games as well as real life too as I learned during one of the SUN meetings as well. Does he ever get angry??


Biggest SUN fanboi i thought i ever meet in my life, meet him irl, and turned out he was a really kewl dude glad to have meet him.


Meth is such an inspiring guy to be around. Only met him at the bashes and everytime he impressed me with his outlook on life and dedication to SUN. His witty brain works in a very compassionate way that makes what ever you do in SUN worth it.


Welcome to the Interview and I hope you have fun!


How old are you and where do you live irl?

I am 30 years old and I live in Cologne, Germany


Tell us a little bit more about you:

I used to work for Turtle Entertainment, the company who is responsible for many of the biggest eSports events in the world. Nowadays I am working for a small marketing firm. I live together with my girlfriend and her wonderful 6 year old daughter. I talk too much when given the opportunity and I like packing empty beer cans into their boxes at Franks apartment.


Whats the story behind your nick?

My first online game was Quake II and searching for a nickname I picked Method Man, one of my favorite music artists. At that time there was a very well established German player who had the same name. One day we met on a server and he raged furiously about me using “his” name. Back then I decided to shorten it to m3th and once numbers were not cool anymore, it became meth.


Which games are you playing at the moment?

Right now gaming time is quite limited. I use it for some World of Warcraft and Heartstone.


What is SUN for you?

I wish I would still remember the exact words I told Makeme on the last bash, regarding this topic. It must have been something like this: SUN for me is probably the best group of people I have ever met in my life. SUN is on the surface about gaming, PvP’ing and having fun, but things like the bash, the summer gatherings, helping each other and remembering those who passed, make it more like a family.

It doesn’t matter if I play with SUN all the time or not and if I am active or not, I know it is always there and I am always welcome. That is also the reason why I chose to have the logo tattooed on my back.


Tell us a bit about your Story with SUN?

When I started WoW in 2005 there was a guild on my first realm called Warders. Being the best PvP guild on the realm back then, I checked their website and found that their server decision had been made in a thread which was on the SUN board. Apparently it was an initiative of SUN to bring the good PvP guilds together.

I went through the entire SUN page top to bottom and back, because I felt that this was the right guild for me, but not at that point in time. One or two years later I was at a point where I either wanted to quit WoW or start again in the only guild I wanted to be in, SUN. I had met the webmaster Khael during my exchange semester in Odense, Denmark and also knew zEph. Those two volunteered to sponsor me (Yes back then you needed two sponsors to get in).

I rerolled a Priest on Dunemaul and ventured into the world of SUN. I got to know more and more members and in 2007 I think, I went to my first X-Mas Bash, still as a recruit back then. It was a great experience that I will never forget, and some time after Doctor and me were the last two recruits who became members through the old voting system.


Tell us a bit about how a typical day in the guild is for you?

A typical these days is not much more than browsing the boards. I play very little these days as I have just moved apartments and have a lot of stuff to do.


How would you describe your time so far with SUN? What do you think, the future will bring for SUN gamewise?

It has been a blast. I always had a ton of fun, no matter what game we played. Age of Conan will always have a special place for me since it was my first SUN game I started with the guild from day one. The leveling sessions were so much fun and the SUNday we did afterwards, locking down an entire zone, was awesome. Gamewise I hope that a game we can (mostly) all agree on will come one day, but I don’t have high hopes. The established core of the guild has become older, and with age a lot of girlfriends, wives and kids have entered our lifes. Thanks to people like Fenix, there will always be a strong SUN, but seeing all the old and new names unite in one game for a longer time is something that will be hard to achieve.


Do you have any funny or fail stories from your gaming time which include other SUNs?

Xink, Bonebreaker and Schlachter together in one voice chat is a pretty interesting experience, to say the least. I had a lot of fun with Bone roaming around in Age of Conan while leveling, where he would just charge into anything he could, while being high as a kite, and me trying to keep up with him to heal his ass.

There are many more of these small stories where you just burn through hours and hours of gaming because it is so much fun thanks to the people you play with


The fast shots (you can only answer with a charname)


  • Which SUN has done something you appreciate.  Frank Sinatra, he basicaly is SUN and has kept the ship going for more than a decade, probably closing in on two decades.

  • As you see it, which SUN is the best pvp'er. I am not in the position to judge DFUW, but in Darkfall people like Geirku, k4tsou or Helba were just insane. I can’t really pick a single one.

  • Who is the most helpfull. Makeme has shown insane efforts to keep the guild spirit high in recent times.

  • Who is most angry.  Neo is the obvious answer, although an annoyed Schlachter can also be pretty angry in his own kind of way. Oh and Ado was real old grumpy man on voice chat.

  • If you needed help ingame, who would you contact. Dwn, he has been one of the people I’ve played with the most and he has always been helpful.

  • Who has the sexiest char? I have no answer, not even the slightest.


Tell us one thing about you that noone in SUN knows about you.

Back on my first or second X-Mas bash in Copenhagen, I was fortunate to meet Ciste from Italy. He had a great personality and was one of those people who seem to take a keen interest in anyone they interact with.

When Ciste died some years ago and I read the news on the boards, I started crying back in my old room at my parents place. I didn’t know where it came from, but I cried like I hadn’t done in years. Even writing this down almost makes me tear up. If I was ever in doubt about how much SUN meant to me, it was in that moment that I had the answer.

Anything else you would like to add?

I hope that this guild, a word that describes it inacurately at best, will still be there in decades from now. If I had to chose between playing without SUN from now on or never play again but talk, visit and enjoy my friendship with SUNs, I would always take the latter.


Which SUN should be the next one for the Spotlight?

I have not checked the list, but I would like to see dwn, Tubby or Ham fra Staden being on the frontpage.


Thanks a lot!


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