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2014-08-15 by eli

I've know Viper since WoW release, so about 9 years I guess. And in these years I have come to consider him probably the most intelligent, honest, kind hearted person I've ever met. 

His levels of perfectionism in what he does borders on the extreme, This is often seen by people that dont know him well as arrogance, which I can confidently say isnt the case. He's just a fun person to game with and I'm glad I know him.



Viper is a very valued member nearing his 10 year anniversary in SUN, and while he did have some challenges with other 10 year anniversaries it seems he will at least get his own.

A positive and well liked member, who mix between duking it out with his partners in crime (Mynz,xink,scuba, Ondor (hope to see him again) and more) and sometimes when the right game comes – steps in as a solid addition to the guild in main MMO’s.

Multitalented who knows about programming, websites, creating music and very strong at building addons for games to a degree where his life really should be sponsored by Curse gaming. Being his guinnea pigs on addons have mostly been a pleassure, allthough he also have quite a few lives on his plate for using us as test dummies. However his contributions to Sun and the MMO scene can not be underestimated, and while he has made addons for many games just this list from WOW tells you something:

Added to this Viper is and have been struggling with some issues, that he have been incredibly open about and in many ways he inspires many (and mostly been forgiven for the many times he could kill 40 SUN’s due to a “minor update” to the warning system).




Welcome to the Interview and I hope you have fun!


How old are you and where do you live irl?

I’m a 35 year old random guy from, and currently residing in, Denmark.

Tell us a little bit more about you:

I saw a horse once, so that’s pretty wicked. Besides that I’m a happy, easy-going guy who likes to create, so I do things like graphics for various things, video, music, photography, game add-ons, programming in general - basically as much as I can with the time I have. It should be noted that I have no idea what I’m doing half the time, but only one way to learn and get better, right? :P

The last decade or so have been spent on recovering from serious sickness triggered by chronic stress (that story can be read on so I’m using the time to better myself in areas I’m interested in (see above). :)

I started online gaming with Warcraft 2 and Duke Nukem 3D (unless you count Legend of the Red Dragon on BBS’) through a BBS that allowed that to happen. Then came Quake and internet and things took off!
I played a lot of Quake in what I guess back then could be coined “professionally”. It was fairly serious and I was part of one of the best clans in Denmark (The Green Machine) and we accomplished some nice things during our run.
I never really played Quake 2. It wasn’t very good - mostly because it was so slow and bleh… Did play some Quake 3 Arena though, but by then my skills (what?) had somewhat diminished, but it was all good fun. :)

I’m a person who does crazy things if I think they’re worth it and I do things my own way - which usually is the hard way. :)


What’s the story behind your nick?

This very unique nick? Top Gun! I got it from there all those many years ago. There’s a line in it where they say “Oh shit, it’s Viper.” So that’s me! Or, well - Tom Skerritt… Either way that’s where I got it from.
I did once try to change it to something a bit more unique but people wouldn’t let me, so I guess I’m sticking with Viper. :P


Which games are you playing at the moment?

A lot of ArcheAge - bought into alpha after trying the beta. Really looking forward to its release and playing with SUN again. :P

Have also been playing some Divinity: Original Sin, which is pretty amazing. Godus gets throw in there every now and then as well.
I did have a stint in WildStar but I kind of got burned out on it a bit already (might be due to my heavy involvement in the game and community during beta, especially the add-on part of it).

What is SUN for you?

SUN is a family, with all that entails. It’s a group of many fantastic people that I’ve had great pleasure playing with over the years.

Due to lack of time, energy and my sickness recovery I haven’t been as much part of the family lately as I would like, but it’s something I want to rectify as things settle down. I know there’s a lot of people who really wants to meet me and I want to meet everyone as well!

SUN is a place you get in and stay, because it’s more than just the games we play. It’s awesome people doing awesome things.

And they didn’t even roll me in tar and feathers when the guild 10 year anniversary video was delayed for a year (sorry!)… :)


Tell us a bit about your Story with SUN?

I joined up with SUN when WoW released. WoW was my first MMO as well, which I’m a bit sad about (having heard the tales of the games SUN played before WoW). Until WoW I was completely oblivious to the MMO genre - I was basically too busy working and had no idea something like this existed. But someone showed me WoW and I thought it looked interesting, so I kept following it. Hell, I was in the beta before horde was even in the game (got to have those connections, right?).
As launch came closer I figured I should probably find a guild so I could actually do stuff and I already knew people in SUN so I made them sponsor me so I could get in (thanks Carn and Xink!). :)

Since then I’ve jumped around the games with SUN in various capacity.

I’m also the only person to win the Griefer of the Year award for griefing my own guild…;) SUN Warning System - never forget! :P

Tell us a bit about how a typical day in the guild is for you?

Right now it’s very uninteresting as it’s basically down to checking the forum and joining in on appropriate topics (which right now are largely non-gaming ones :P).


How would you describe your time so far with SUN? What do you think, the future will bring for SUN gamewise?

Fantastic! I’ve played great (and not so great) games with a wonderful group of people and gained a lot of new friends - some closer than others. Many good gaming memories created and meeting some of these people in real-life will only make things better. :)

Future in terms of gaming? It’s hard to say. We’re all sort of looking for the holy grail of MMO’s but we’re also a very diverse group of people now, so people tend to look for more different things than was the case before. The MMO genre has also transitioned and I wouldn’t say solely for the better.
Will there be a game that brings most of us together again, especially a lot of the older peeps? I doubt it, but I hope it will be the case. Darkfall is probably what came closest in recent times - something I sadly couldn’t join in on, but props to all the SUNs who did awesome things in the game! :)

Maybe when Xink and I finish our Top Gun MMO this will change, although that will exclude Schlachter since he prefers old planes (old planes for old people!).


Do you have any funny or fail stories from your gaming time which include other SUNs?

I think the most I’ve ever laughed in a game was during Age of Conan, albeit after SUN had pretty much stopped playing it, but a few of us kept at it. I was running around with my usual partner in crime and killing everyone we met. We were on some level ~55 chars and were killing 2 level 80’s, keeping them occupied for a good while, and suddenly half a raid came running to kill us because apparently those two were needed for said raid. We obviously went down but the fact that 2 level 80’s had to get help from another 10 or so level 80’s to get us down was just hilarious. :)

The classic nearly wiping a full 40-man raid in Blackrock Mountain during WoW with only 8 SUNs was also an amazing experience.

Oh and Schlachter was giving me grief about my skill piloting planes in Battlefield 3 (admittedly I’m not the best pilot out there ;)) and at one point he was chasing me around (we were on opposite teams) and he ended up crashing into a chimney as I was trying to lose him. :P

I’m sure I’d have some fail stories too if I hadn’t suppressed them all. ;)

The fast shots (you can only answer with a charname)


  • Which SUN has done something you appreciate. - Scuba for being an awesome guy and good friend (he listens to all my bullshit :P), but many people in SUN have done appreciative things in one way or another.
  • As you see it, which SUN is the best PVPer. - Mynx. He knows how to play and we have had some awesome fights where we just worked in sync and laid waste to our foes with barely any communication between us during the fights.
  • Who is the most helpful. - I can’t possibly pick out one single person, there’s so many helpful people in SUN.
  • Who is most angry. - Firstborn and a big bottle of baby oil! No, wait… What was the question again?
  • If you needed help ingame, who would you contact. - Me? Need help? PFT! But again; there’s so many helpful people in SUN so whoever was available and knowledge about what I needed help with. Can’t pick out one single person here either. dwn however is usually a guy you can go to for information in nearly any game. :)
  • Who has the sexiest char? - Mynx! That big bear ass!

Tell us one thing about you that no one in SUN knows about you.

I’m horrible at geography. There, I said it - It’s finally out. Feels so good getting that off my chest. It’s like I can breathe a more easily now. :P

Besides that I don’t really know since I’m quite close with a few SUN members, so they know a lot of stuff. :)

Anything else you would like to add?

Yeah, screw only answering with a name in the quick fire round! I’m a rebel without a sauce!
Did I mention that I saw a horse once?

Which SUN should be the next one for the Spotlight?

Daszoeb or Xink!

Thanks a lot!

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