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2015-01-18 by eli

Asolar, what to say about him, he likes killing people so whats not to like? Then again who dosnt? That being said hes also a nice chap, and I wish I was better at keeping in touch with him irl.


Asolar is just a calm, relaxed and pleasant company, ingame aswell as in reallife. I always enjoy our talk at the xmas-bashes. :)



Welcome to the Interview and I hope you have fun!

How old are you and where do you live irl?


Hello, I am 35 and I live in Denmark, Bagsværd


Tell us a little bit more about you:

The world was in darkness and only the sound of screams, and short flashed of warriors fighting when lightning struck was visible. In the middle of the battlefield a women was giving birth, and this is where I was born. Or was that someone else, ah well details. I was born.

So alittle about myself, I was a problem child as a youth and hated all that was school and studying. Only though computer games did I learn a little English. And so started enjoying reading and studying, especially the worlds of fantasy/scifi/superheroes and must more.

I been trying a lot of different jobs/profession in rl trying to find what I want in life, and am still seeking. So right now I am studying again, aiming to be an engineer (electronic or design) I be done at 40. oO

I have been playing online mmo games since Everquest, and since then I been loving mmo games. When I joined SUN in Daoc, I was hooked on this amazing bunch of players and been part since then.  

I am normally a very helpful and friendly person, but I suppose I can also be somewhat elitist at times, always want to be at the top.


What’s the story behind your nick?

 Asolar is a villain in a book, I like the name and kept it. Now a days I can´t even remember the book anymore. Fun fact, before that I was named Ytmirr Stormconjure.  I probably should not have said that…


Which games are you playing at the moment?

None. I just have not found a game that can keep me entertain for long right now. And the two mmo i look forward to are not coming out anytime soon. (eq:next and star citizen)

But maybe something unexpected will come along that make gather some sunnie in a fun game.


What is SUN for you?

It is a social group of human beings, that are all so very different in life, and yet still one big family when we are together. We are all awesome, and love some good pvp battles. I do not think I would be playing mmo today if I did not belong in sun.


Tell us a bit about your Story with SUN?

I knew quite a few sun players from the local computer café that I played/live at, like so many others at that time. So naturally, when Dark age of Camelot release I joined up on the same server, and applied right away. It was a great time. I never forget my first days on voicechat listening to the olm´s(German accent for the first time rocks). The teamwork and drive everyone had for being in the top and beating everyone else was just what I wanted, and there was plenty of it.


Tell us a bit about how a typical day in the guild is for you?

I guess it have changed alot depending on the mmo we have been playing. But being able to jump on voicechat and hear what going on and join up. That been a typical day in many of our games for me. In our active games, we almost always have something going on. Or i start some and there is always some up for joining.


How would you describe your time so far with SUN? What do you think, the future will bring for SUN gamewise?

Virtual reality combat simulation with, no wait that’s for the next generation. Ah well I do not really know what the future will bring, and what games we might be playing. There is only two games I know of that have my interest. Yet I know from many years of hype experience that they might never be great. So I am taking it as it comes, and try and enjoy the moment instead.


Do you have any funny or fail stories from your gaming time which include other SUNs?

There been many great and fun moment in my time with SUN, but sadly many I can’t remember in any great detail because of a certain herb I used a lot of while young.

I remember a sun member in Daoc that needed a weapon from a Salamander and he had so bad luck getting it. So every time it was up, he would shout SALAMANDER and everyone else would to, so we could gather to get the weapon for him. Since it was an elite mob and world spawn there was always fights over it, so that also brought many great fights.



The fast shots (you can only answer with a charname)

  • Which SUN has done something you appreciate.

Too many to mention just one. There have been many great leaders/players all thou the years, stepping up and holding the flag up high when needed.

But if I should pick one that I think been a great core for the guild since my day one, I have to say Frank.

  • As you see it, which SUN is the best PVPer.

Me of cause, so where is my dam medal. On a serious note, since before df1 I really aint sure who is the best pvper anymore. Have not been in a game for long enough time, to really notice who the top player is. I do however still think Helba and decay to be among the best.

  • Who is the most helpful.

So many players are helpful. So I will just talked about the last few weeks in AA. Daze/makeme/frank

  • Who is most angry.

We do not have any angry guys In sun at all. It’s all hugs and happy faces in sun. Okay been awhile since i hear any outburst so i can´t nominate someone that i consider a man with a heavy temper a few year ago.

  • If you needed help ingame, who would you contact.

Depend on what I needed help with to be honest. I directed many question towards scuba this time around in my early archage days, and he been great at explaining skills/combo´s. Ofcause if I wanted to cyber I send a tell to viper/jearen or travis, does guys are always ready. Ofcause not as good as Firstborn, but who is.

  • Who has the sexiest char?

 ME, that’s a no brainer, I am dam sexy.


Tell us one thing about you that no one in SUN knows about you.


Do you know the movie Fame. I been in an audition like that, just on a Danish drama school (less dancing more acting). Over 300 wanted in, and they only took 50 in at a time. Spend almost a year doing that. Weird time of my life, and well now you know.


Anything else you would like to add?

So many new faces and so many old faces in our current game, I really hope that sun will have a great time ahead and keep our flag up high.


Which SUN should be the next one for the Spotlight?


Scuba maybe?


Thanks a lot!


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