About SUN


PK u suxSUN was founded in 1997 when a group of danish internet cafe gamers started playing Ultima Online from the now infamous Mekka cafe. You can read some of the Golden Moments from back then by selecting the articles from menu to the left...

So why the name SUN, you might ask. Good question. When I asked the only person who is supposed to know - Cloud[SUN] - I got this answer: Heh, it doesn't actually stand for anything... some guy asked and Phazer made it up on the fly, I think it was Superior Ultimate NotoreityPKs or some similar BS :p. So there you have it.

The original SUN Guild were all danish people, but were soon invaded by hordes of swedes, germans, and what-not following the old wartactic: If you can't beat them... join them :). Today we are somewhere in the area of 80% euro players - the rest are mainly from the US.

In Ultima Online SUN quickly build up a nasty reputation as a dedicated PvP/PK clan, and this is still our main goal. SUN is all about being the best PvP guild around, period.

To achieve this goal we have some basic expectations of all SUN guild members:

  • Experience Our members need to be somewhat experienced in online gaming.
  • PvP/PK Members of SUN should enjoy PvP'ing and/or Player Killing, and should be good at it.
  • Dedication Members should be active and dedicated to the guild and other SUN members first and foremost - when it comes to online gaming.

SUN is more than just a PvP clan, we are also a MMORGP Community - having fun is the most important thing. After all this is something we do in our sparetime (most of us anyways).

We meet up in real life usually two times every year on different locations around Europe. So far we have met up in Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy. These gatherings tend to involve alot of beer and weed. It is good fun to meet the people you spend so much online time with in real life - and the result is a rock solid guild.