The sun went dark, when it fell...

Being in beta for quite while. Having a rocky start and quite a stained lifetime from a technical and marketing site, Darkfall still should be rated as one of the most important MMORPGs for SUN. Sure, it was ugly, it lacked tons of things and suffered from hacks - reasons why not all members saw themselves sticking to the game after a few weeks of trial and error - none the less, it was played over a span of almost three years, from 2009 to its shutdown in late 2012. Leaving beta participation unaccounted. But as done before, the beta crew came up with an excellent plan to claim world domination right from day one after release.

And what can be told? It worked. SUNs had tons of fights, fun and loot, cities, hamlets and you keep it calling. And all that in a first person, twitched based, full loot game. The heaven for the demanding hardcore pvp mmorpg player. A great achievement by the enthusiastic greek developer, who for sure had placed a benchmark with Darkfall, to measure future titles to come. But back to the success story. In the end it was that much of a domination, that SUN had to found its own enemy guild, to still get into a fight!

One sure will call that a success, but it as well should shed a little light on the game itself and that yet it has been an unfinished product, that slowly died during its childhood. This time, not coming from a big publisher, but from a small group of enthusiasts, sadly lacking the experience to get away with rocket science unburnt. But to cite an unknown person: "If you are not failing ninety percent of all tries, you are not aiming high enough"!

Many new faces were seen during SUNs time and quite a few became part of its great community of lifetime members. DF had such an impact that in games that came afterwards older members are often asking for background on a nickname unknown to them. And not infrequently the answer is; I joined SUN in Darkfall.

Dead Game