SUN Values

SUN has existed as a guild for more than 20 years dating back to UO in 1997. Some of us have been in the guild for so long that our best friendships have been created through SUN. Don’t be surprised if you find people proud and loud about being in SUN.

SUN is PvP/pk oriented guild with strong individual players. The guild has survived for so long because our members contribute to the guild and can take care of themselves. This means you are welcome to start any events you see fit or bring ideas to the officers if you need support. Being around for 20+ years also means it’s a mature mindset. We don’t have many rules but one of them is “Don’t be an idiot”. Don’t cause drama and don’t trashtalk guildies, allies or enemies alike. We’re not a kindergarten but a guild who likes to fight, and fight well.