Star Wars Galaxies

The Rebellion of the betrayed Jedis

SUN played SWG from may 2003 and around one year after that. It was the wet dream of onlinegames for all of us. Riding a speederbike. Laserpistols. AT-STs as pets. Lighsabers. Tatooine. Yavin. Wookies. You name it! It all was there. Combined with a whole bunch of excellent game design features. The extensive harvesting and crafting of unique resources, that decided by their quality what outcome a weapon or armour would have. The whole crafting thing got really through the roof and had quite a RMT (Real Money Trading) scene, so intense that one or two of our members had a good additional monthly income. You dont want to know the numbers.

Yes, of course, the combat was a bit clunky. The mission system was bugged. And the generated planets, were not half of what could be said good enough to stand the test of thousands of gamers. But all those inventions, like the profession of the entertainer to cure deep wounds. The city building and management system. So many freaking cool things and all of them almost looked cool, made the game definitely a milestone for the MMORPG genre, that will for sure still have its influences in the future, when people who played SWG as children are making their own games.

Too bad, it was another rushed product, that was further hit by more bad management decisions during its lifetime. The revamp of the charactersystem, just to name one, was a big hit for the playerbase. Lets hope people learn, so we don't have to witness many more raw diamonds being scratched and desecrated instead of being polished

Dead Game