Guild structure

The Council

The Council members are the overall leaders of the guild. The objective of the SUN Council is to maintain the SUN spirit and keep the guild on track in troubled times. Otherwise The Council's role is limited to various administrative tasks. Deciding which games we play is entirely up to the SUN members, The Council is here to make sure the structure of the guild is in place when a new game starts and is upheld as we go along - and assisting game leaders with problems that arise in the games we play.

The Council member base will not change drastically but people will ocassionally be replaced/added. These are decisions made purely by The SUN Council.

Guidelines for setting up in a new game

When SUN starts playing a new game, typically in late beta for the bigger games and we have 25+ active SUNs with a desire to continue a SUN presence in this particular game, it is the council's job to make the following things happen:

  • A specific messageboard is put up for the new game.
  • 3 temporary game leaders are elected right away by the council.
  • 3 or more (depending on the game) lasting game leaders for the new game are elected through an election process explained below.


The Officers are the ones calling the shots for SUN within each game. How many Officers we need and for what purpose can differ from each game, so there is no fixed number of officers per game. When SUN starts playing a game, Council elects 3 temporary Officers, but will also start an election process for the final officers. If more (or less) Officers are needed later on for a certain game, it's up to the Officers within this particular game to figure out how many are needed and set up an election for more leaders, whatever is needed to lift the task.

We could have set up certain titles or roles for Officers, but since each game calls for different assignments for the leaders, we have decided to have no default ones, making it up to the leaders of each game to come up with what tasks need to be done and make up titles for this particular game.

However, one assignment that will be handled by the Officers in every game is recruiting. Handling sponsors, passing out information, assessing pending recruits and granting full membership will all be handled by the game leaders.

Election of officers

  • A post is made asking who is interested in becoming leader for the particular game. All full SUN members can apply.
  • A poll to determine which of the nominees are elected officer is presented to all full members. The poll is posted by the council and will also state how many leaders will be needed first off. The nominees with most votes will become game leaders for the particular game.