Beside our forums you are expected to use Discord to get in touch with us:

It is also important to read the news posts in our games corner.

When grouping with other SUNs we expect you to be on Discord unless you agree otherwise, as it makes everything so much easier to be able to communicate instantly.

Being in discord is extremely useful...

Bone: Ok guys lets roll these motherfuckers!
Ado: Remember to assist god dammit.
Mynx: But Ado I am assisting!
Schlachter: Come on gang lets focus.
Bone: Did i mention i hit like a truck?
FB: Yes Bone no one hits like you!
Debil: Erh what Simone?
Warhead: Hehehe.
Ado: Ok remember that STOP moving while i heal you!
FB: I like penis!
Bone: Man this uber new spear will own!
Schlachter: OK FB, Debil and Ado you all need to heal me ALL THE TIME in the next fight ok?
Ado: You are still gona die - HAHAHA (the Ado cigaret laughter of death).
Debil: I will heal my Schlacther - I love my schlachter!

In the meantime Urmel is trying to communicate with his backbrain and has now lost autostick...

Midgaard: Barhh I'm gonna rub my self in melted chocalate and walkthrough a kindergarden!
FB: Been there done that!
Warhead: Heheh
Bone: Man I'll make them noObz run like headless chicken motherfuckers with my uber Spear!
Schlachter: Focus and get rdy to teleport out!
Debil: Where are we going?
dwn: Inner Mid and everyone please be quite! Lets concentrate.
FB: I still like penis.
dwn: OK port now!
Urmel: Where are you guys?
Mynx: Can we stop at the salamander spot real fast?

All in Discord at the same time: NO!

Midgaard: I am here alone with FB?
Urmel: Did you all port?
Debil: I am still in Jordheim?
Schlachter: Barhh fuck this im a gona roll a joint.
Bone: Right...